INTO THE GANGES: Depicting the ancient Hindu celebrations of life and death along the Ganges River in the ancient and sacred city of Varanasi, India, this film follows the journey along the river banks where followers bath in the waters adjacent to funeral pyres and floating bodies, all part of the sacred circle of life.


THE BULLFIGHT: The time-honored tradition of bull fighting still plays central to the Spainish festivals, despite the calls of brutality and cruelty. This film journeys to a bullfight high in the mountains above Cadiz, Spain, where ten bulls will meet with three matadors in the ring, while Americans in the audience come to terms with what they are seeing.


AFRICAN EXCELLENCE: Recognizing the Archbishop Desmond Tutu: Over the course of two days, Archbishop Tutu, his wife, and a group of students from the Fall 2010 Semester at Sea voyage were treated to royal celebrations by the King of Ghana, as the Archbishop was honored for his lifetime of work in Africa. This is their story…


URBAN SUSTAINABILITY: Honk Kong’s Push for Green Space: While hiking in the mountains that weave through the Asian peninsula of Hong Kong — the most densely populated city in the world — the students from Semester at Sea witness the visual contrast of green space to the urban core, and learn how critical it is that future developments adhere to the city’s surprisingly extreme green space mandate.